Goryo-jinja Shrine 御霊神社

This shrine is famous because Enoden train runs right at the entrance.  It was said that Goryo shrine was built to deify the five families in this area long time ago.  Later it enshrined only Gongoro Kagemasa, a bravery samurai in 11-century. A portable shrine comes out of here at the time of yearly festival these days.


Hoshi Tsuki no I ( Well of the moon and stars) 星月の井

This is one of the so-called Kamakura-Ten water Wells. Its name means Well of the moon and star light.  It was said that the star light was clearly seen from inside of this well.  Anyway, before the early Showa period, maybe around 1930, this water well was actually used to pump up the water for the locals and travelers.



Beach is very near from here.  Usually very peaceful sight especially at sunset.  When the high wind comes, it becomes a good wind-surf spot.



It is a fun to walk from the Gokurakuji station to Mitome store while seeing some temples.  Entering Hase district, you will see The great Buddha.


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Kamakura map

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