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  Mitome store has its original brands while dealing with the many distributed products.  Our brands are very popular among the local customers.  Let me introduce our two sauces as a sample.


Mitome sauce

Kamakura worcestershire sauce
  This is the Mitome brand's caramel-colored Worcestershire made form tomato, onion, celery, brewed vinegar, Spices and other ingredients. I t has the fresh taste of vegetables and the spicy feeling.  This sauce goes well with the fried dishes.  You could use it as a secret ingredients or make your original sauce by mixing with Tomato-ketchup or Mayo.


Mitome medical cooking sauce

Medicinal cooking sauce

  This cooking sauce is blended with the traditional Chinese medicine, such as Clove, Turmeric, Star anise, Jujube etc.  It is completely free form any cornstarch and wheat flour starch. It tastes refreshing and helps getting rid of the oil that remains in the mouth after eating the fried dishes.  We made its taste good for all generations from the children to the elderly people.


As for the distributed products etc, we have the following categories.









Our boiled-in-the-bag curry contains the meat.  For this reason, it is not allowed to carry it into the international airplane.  We recommend it not as your souvenir to homeland but your light meal during your stay in Japan.

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