Mitome store is a grocery store founded in 1882 in Kamakura.


  We stock a variety of foods, sauces and vinegars, some of which we make ourselves.  We have many kinds of sweets, wine, liquor, and soft drinks, too.  We have Japanese products, as well as products from around the world.


Mitome display 2

  Mitome store is a delight to the eyes.  Our stock is high-quality and displayed beautifully.  We pride ourselves on our product knowledge, and study the ingredients, production and history of each product.
  We are proud to take special care to showcase our stock.  The other day, a customer said "All these items on the racks look beautiful".  We were very happy to hear that comment.


Mitome interior view

Mitome Display 1

Mitome about curry and snack

  Besides the high-quality, hand-picked items.  We sell many kinds of casual snackfood and convenience items, too, for example, boil-in-the-bag curry, always good for a quick meal.

  Pack up some juice and a snack for a short break in the park or at the beach.  Beer, wine, juice and boil-in-the-bag curry or canned food would be a good choice for a late night meal or snack at your lodging place.  They are all delicious and reasonably priced.



Mitome about Festival

  The Mitome store is family-run.  We enjoy taking part in local festivals and celebrating local culture.  Visit us to experience our cheerful and casual shopping experience.


--  Old local story  --

 Our location in Kamakura has a long history dating back to the 1880’s.  At that time, our store delivered MIZUAME (a kind of candy / Japanese starch syrup) to the Maeda family.  The Maeda family was one of the most distinguished family from the time of the sixteenth-century, and they liked to visitt their second house in Kamakura in those days.  Their second home in Kamakura is now open to the public as the Bungaku-kan museum.

  When our store opened, CHIKARAMOCHI YA had already existed here and our families have been friends for generations.  This is the history that I learned from the previous owner at this site.


See you at Mitome Store !


Mitome Store

15-21 Sakanoshita Kamakura City, Kanagawa 2480021, Japan

Tel: 0467-22-0045

Hours: 9:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.

Closed on Tuesday

and every 3rd Wednesday

(En) http://www.mitome-en.com

(Jp) http://www.mitome.jp/

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